• Alice offers premium retail a little bit of magic

    An AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution for premium brands

    to help create an intimate instore customer experience


    Alice is starting a new adventure now!

  • Alice triggers

    better sales conversations with your customer

    Imagine a world where you would know...

    1. Every single customer that enters your store

    2. How to spark a conversation like a real friend



    We identify a customer as soon as she enters the store without privacy concerns. No more need to ask your customers those anoying questions to relate to them. From an online profile we know much about clients, but in offline we still don't.



    We provide indiviual client intelligence to the sales associate in real time. The small data we gather helps to define the small talk that can make customers feel appreciated as VIPs. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!



    We enable the instore sales associate to improve her conversation by the most natural intimacy approach.

    The first sentences count.

    Different delivery options possible from iPADs, watch wearable to remote call assistance or even "bots".



    Our AI machine learning algorithms improve the customer experience at every visit for each client. Not only would it help every shopper, but it also helps to train sales associates and optimize their sales talk and consequently the sales.

  • Client Portfolio 2016 (Pre-Tweedle)

    In 2016, Letsface pivoted to Tweedle

    from event software to retail software with a new product called Alice.

    As such, Tweedle's team brings a perfect blend of Tech and Brand know-how

    Prior to Tweedle

    Prior to pivotting Letsface into retail, Tweedle's CEO built dozens of interactive digital products to many global luxury brands in Asia.


    More on some Letsface events to be found here

    You can find more info on Tweedle's CEO here

    Letsface Clients

    Since 2013 we digitized over 1000 events to 30+ of the top luxury brands like Gucci, Cartier, D&G, Chaumet, ... and to 50+ premium brands like Nike, UBS, Audi, ...

    With 95% of luxury clients returning, it defined our reputation, brand value and quality of product & service.

    What's your wish?

    At 2015 newyear's eve event we asked all guests to write their resolution on an iPAD. We made this a personal experience for all guest of the 5-star hotel brand by displaying every wish on an LED screen, print them out on 1000 butterfies and at count down blast them out of the canon. Pure Magic!

  • Alice is a new product concept

    *We are open to collaborate exclusively with one premium brand to deploy Alice in-store.

    We will announce our first conceptual prototype and integrations when available.

    Any brand interested to partner with us, mailto our CEO


    Please contact us to be one the first brands to support your sales associates with instant insights & conversation smarts when the customer is in-store and sales is happening.

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    We are looking for a premium brand partner today.

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